In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Sacha offers a market to Ferri for his release; Mila chooses to take his relationship in front of his friends; Gabriel continues to lead the world in its lies. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3 ! Luna does not lower the arm in Spite of the torture, Sacha does not upload any information to Ferri on the place where Paul Simonian is located. They try to escape by trapping his right hand man, but the operation is a failure. To despair of Victory, Ash made a proposal to Ferri : in exchange for their release, they will hold their wedding in order to attract the attention of Simonian and bring it out of its hiding place… At the police station, Patrick called the substitute of the prosecutor to inform him of the harassment committed by an agent of the ISB to Luna so that she gives him a way to contact them. Thanks to this information, Luna trap Ferri, recording his confessions… The links between the Riva constrict Gabriel still not having told the truth to his parents about his family, his mother is still convinced that Teresa is his young au pair originally from new zealand. As a result, she asks him to do a demonstration of the haka on the same evening during the dinner at Gabriel ! Not having the heart to refuse, Thérèse repeats the choreography all afternoon, with the complicity of Baptist. During this time, Gabriel made a visit to the hospital, to his father, and get caught up more in his lies when he is suspected of having an affair extra-marital with Babeth… Anne and it reminded of the order : it must solve its problems once and for all, before cause all the world with him in his lie. Mila assumes finally his relationship to The high school, Mila surprises Valère, kissing her in front of Theo; she thinks make her happy in him, proving that she assumes their relationship. But Valère is pointed, thinking that Mila still has feelings for Theo, and uses their relationship to get revenge. While Mila takes her courage in both hands and faced his band announcing the new, Theo made his amends with Valère, assuring her that Mila and him have no feeling one for the other.

Profiling : what you can expect in the episodes 5 and 6 of season 9
Tomorrow belongs to us : Clement Rémiens and Linda Hardy soon back in the series

The BBC will broadcast the march 15, a true-false result of the cult film “Four weddings and a funeral” with the casting of the film. An original initiative, and especially charitable to the occasion of the “Red Nose Day”, which is revealed with a Teaser ! BBC One charity Initiative designed to help poor children, the Red Nose Day shows regularly collaborating with the world of movies or series, lending itself always to the exercise of good graces. There was thus in 2017, a Red Nose Day Love Actually, which was actually a show broadcast on BBC One and NBC with the cast of the film, 14 years after. There was also this association with the team of Game of Thrones, making Game of Thrones : the Musical, under the leadership of the music group Coldplay. A show that has still lasted 3 hours, but has also enabled to raise more than $ 21 million ! This year, it is the cast of a cult film that reconstructs, since we are talking about 4 weddings and 1 funeral ! Aired on the channel BBC One on 15 march next, and on NBC on may 23rd, the show is the opportunity to return to Hugh Grant, Andie MacDowell, Kristin Scott Thomas, John Hannah, Rowan Atkinson, James Fleet, David Haig, Sophie Thompson… They will be almost all there. Below, the Teaser of the event. If you are a native English speaker, this will obviously be to see, especially as the rumour evokes that it would be this time the wedding of the daughter of Charles, the character played by Hugh Grant in the film of Mike Newell ! One Red Nose Day And A Wedding

Alita Battle Angel moved to the top of the box-office US
This Is Us : did you know that the wife of Sterling K. Brown also played in the series ?

The small details of the greatest films : “Have you noticed ?” returns to the island to the dinosaurs, to the search for winks…

Tomorrow Belongs to Us : Christine Lemler (Under The Sun) landed in Sète, Vanessa Demouy returns
This Is Us : the creator of the series, tease the end of season 3 and season 4

Check out the first images of The Society, a modern version of lord of the Flies, in which adolescents are left to fend for themselves after a strange phenomenon. On Netflix on may 10. No adults, no laws, no authority… By a supernatural phenomenon, teenagers are left to fend for themselves in a city from which they cannot escape. Here is the starting point of The Society, new fiction Netflix. A situation that, if it can make us dream at the beginning, quickly turns to chaos. It is, in any case, what we can expect in the light of the first teaser in which any form of hope seems not to be permitted. Because in this world where they are alone, the hero will have to rebuild a society with its rules and its hierarchy, which, as demonstrated in many cultural works, is never a very good idea. Created by Christopher Keyser, The origin of Life Five, The Society is strongly inspired by lord of the flies, cult novel by William Golding, in which children stranded on an island left to form a new company. Worn by Kathryn Newton, as we shall see shortly, to the poster of Detective Pikachu, Rachel Keller (Fargo season 2) or Kristine Frøseth (The Truth about the Case of Harry Quebert), The Society arrives on Netflix on the 10th may.

You don’t know what to watch tonight ? The Drafting of AlloCiné shows you the movies and series on tv. In the program : a cult horror classic, a thriller from Bong Joon-Ho, and a romantic comedy with Jennifer Lopez. “Allowed to watch” The Exorcist of William Friedkin with Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn (Ciné + Frisson, 20: 50) : “What to say about this film except that it remains the most frightening and most disturbing of all time ? Released in 1974, The Exorcist has not taken a single wrinkle, ridiculing many productions scary recent. With his style, quasi-documentary, William Friedkin has managed to weave a brilliant work, as attested by the performance by the demonic Linda Blair. His face horribly scarred and his cavernous voice still chill the blood long after the viewing. If you’ve never seen the movie, you’re warned ! Special Mention to Max von Sydow and Jason Miller as the priests tortured and benevolent.” Vincent Formica Memories of Murder trailer VO Memories of Murder Bong Joon-Ho with Song Kang-Ho, Kim Sang-kyung (OCS Shock, 20h40) : “With his second film, “Memories of Murder”, Bong Joon-Ho stood out as a director to follow closely. This thriller about the hunt for a serial killer takes the opposite of the american productions in avoiding the effects of shocks on easy and focusing on his duo of cops bumbling and occasionally incompetent. A master’s degree and density is impressive, the film amazes with his ability to combine the slapstick to horror. It is this mixture of genres, which has become the trademark of the filmmaker, who has been the strength of this masterpiece to (re)discover without delay.” Emilie Schneider Coup de foudre Manhattan trailer VF Coup de foudre Manhattan de Wayne Wang with Jennifer Lopez Ralph Fiennes (OCS Max, 23: 30) : “Coup de foudre Manhattan, it is a little of our madeleine de Proust. It is known that this film is not great art (a rich man who falls in love with a maid, all this on a background of misunderstanding, it is seen time and time again) but there is always a lot of fun to watch. Jennifer Lopez is unquestionably one of the queens of romantic comedy of the 2000s, and formed a duo which works strangely well with Ralph Fiennes. In summary, a feel good movie, watch it without taking head off.” Lucy Reeb “Permitted to speak” And otherwise, among all the movies that are coming this evening, what is your favorite ? What are you going to watch this Thursday, April 04 ? To find all programs, go directly to the grid by clicking here.